SB Equestrian Services

We offer a range of livery services, subject to availability:

Full livery @ £100/wk includes:
Use of all facilities
Muck out
Standard feed/hay or haylage
Turn out/ catch
Change rugs
Show preparation
Horsebox parking £5/wk
Riding £20
Hack £15
Lunging £15
Assist farrier/ physio/dentist. £5 per 30 mins
Anything is available as an extra even if it isn't listed above; please don't hesitate to ask.
Schooling £150/wk
As full livery but with 5 days schooling and 2 days exercise (hack and lunge)

Sale livery £175/wk
We take horses in to sell to take the hassle out of the selling process for you, schooled for selling by myself to suit the individual horse's needs.
Rest and Recuperation
We also take horses in, usually under your vets supervision, with tailored livery suitable for your horses recovery from injuries, operation, etc with the use of the horsewalker along with small individual turnout paddocks for the first few days out after box rest!!
We are also happy to start the riding away process after the recuperation period.
Holiday Livery
Enjoy your holiday without the worry about the care of your horse while you're away! This livery can include as much or as little as you like for your holiday period, so for a discussion of your requirements and for a price, please get in touch.